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I Missed the Sinking of the Fitz

I want to apologize to those of you who rely on my trivia. I missed an important date, November 10th 1975, that was the day of the wreck of the Edmund’s Fitzgerald. The Edmund Fitzgerald left Superior, Wisconsin on November 9th headed for a steel mill near Detroit, Michigan. As the Fitz crossed Lake Superior she joined the Arthur M. Anderson and by the next day both ships found themselves in a sever winter storm of hurricane proportions with waves as high as 35ft. The Captain of the Fitz, Ernest McSorley reported some problems but said they were holding their own. At around 7:10 pm the Fitz’s lights went out and sight as the Anderson lost radar contact with her. She sank quickly with no distress signals at all. All 29 of her crew perished in a matter of minutes if not seconds. There are a varity of opinions to why she sank it could have been structural failure, she could have been swamped by waves or she might have ripped out her bottom on some shoals what we do know is she went down in what is probably one of the most famous shipping wrecks in our life time. So here’s to the Edmund Fitzgerald and her crew sorry boys I was a bit late but we still remember.

Watch the song on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vST6hVRj2A


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