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Where Doth My Sandwich Come From

I occasionally eat a peanut butter sandwich or a jelly sandwich, I may even do a chicken sandwich but it was my daughters history of the sandwich which has lead to my blog. I knew for instance that the sandwich was named after the Earl of Sandwich. But the rest of the story is what I want to ramble about. The fourth Earl of Sandwich (born John Montagu), is the British statesman whose name is forever linked to our  lunchtime meal.  But what you may not know is the foundations of this food can be traced back to the Arabs. It seems that they stuffed meat inside their pita bread way before the Earl came up with the idea, Nevertheless his name is forever linked to the sandwich. What would we have called the Arab version anyhow?

The Earl  may not have been the first to eat meat between two slices of bread, but he did give it his name and he did it while playing poker. It’s true! Late at night around Nov. 3, 1762, the Earl was deep into a marathon poker game.  The Earl couldn’t be bothered to leave the gaming table even though he was hungry. So he asked a servant to bring him a piece of meat — stuffed between two slices of toast so he wouldn’t smear food on his cards.  From this little incident, we have inherited that quick-food product that we call the sandwich. 

In a rather strange twist of fate I have realized that the sandwich and I have something in common. We both came into being on the same date November the 3rd. (A special thanks to the inspiration for many of my blogs my daughter Hannah.)


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