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It Ain’t Rocket Science

This is probably one of my favorite sayings especially with my children when the answer to their homework is easy. But if your like me you probably want to know where the saying “It’s not rocket science” came from. Well it is home grown made in America.  It started when America was one of the first countries to adopt a  program for the development of rocket science. The first group of people who were widely known as rocket scientists were German military technologists. After World War 2 some of these scientists were transported to the USA, the UK and the USSR. By 1950, rocket science was generally accepted as being intellectually challenging and outside the capabilities of your average man on the street. Evidently that thought continued for many years  and in the 1980’s the term “not rocket science”appears to have came into vogue concerning  football. As an example, this piece from a sports report in the Pennsylvania newspaper The Daily Intelligencer, December 1985: “Coaching football is not rocket science and it’s not brain surgery. It’s a game, nothing more.” So there you have it the research for this blog wasn’t rocket science either.


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