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Wag the Dog

Wag the Dog is an expression that I heard some years ago when President Clinton was in office. I can’t remember the exact details but I know someone felt he was wagging the dog to keep peoples attention off the more major issues. Wag the Dog was also a movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro

I know your asking yourself so what does it mean. I’m glad you asked simply put “To ‘wag the dog’ means to purposely divert attention from what would otherwise be of greater importance to focus attention to something else of lesser significance. By doing so, the lesser-significant event is catapulted into the limelight, drowning proper attention to what was originally the more important issue.” (UsingEnglish.com) So to wag the dog I take what is an important event such as “the government is spying on citizens” and I divert your attention to a lesser event like “they dumped several million tons of waste water into Lake Michigan. I then get you to think “isn’t that outrageous think what it may do to our environment and now the children will not be able to swim in the lake during the hot summer months.” I have just wagged the dog.  I took something of lesser value and made it the key event.  It is an easy concept to understand and what is worse people use it. We all of us are probably of a little dog wagging. Just another trivial factoid for you have a great day.


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