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Joshua Don’t Chew Your Pop Tart Into A Gun???

Ok this story comes from World Magazine June 29th edition. Joshua Welch is eating his pop tart in school on March 1st when he decides to carve it into a mountain with his teeth. So far so good but a nanny state teacher thought she saw a gun. (seriously the kids chewing a pop tart into the shape of a mountain and you thought you saw the shape of a gun?) Because of the Baltimore schools zero gun tolerance rule  little 7 year old Joshua caught a two day suspension. Bad Joshua! However, there is a good side on May 29th state lawmaker Nicholaus Kipke presented Joshua with a lifetime membership in the NRA. Way to go teach you just made little Joshua a card carrying member of the NRA! 


The Last Dog Hung

Did you ever stay around a party or event till the end when all the festivities wrap up? It may seem by that time the host and hostess are ready for you to leave. That is what it means to stay “Until the Last Dog is Hung” but the origin of the saying is a bit more dramatic. It appears from what we can gather that the term was issued in print in a novel of 1902. The book which is about the old west contains the line: ‘They were loyal. It was a point of honor with them to stay ‘until the last dog was hung.’ But from information available the dogs that were being hung were humans not Rover. Back in the day if you were considered a bad man of the old west you might meet your end by a lynch mob. Several bad guys might be hung a single lynching so some morbid folks stuck around till the final hanging also referred to as a necktie party. They waited till the last dog was hung before heading home. Nothing like a good lynching before dinner and bed.

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