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Steve McQueen Marine

I was talking to a friend of mine from church and he mentioned that Steve McQueen that actor had at one time been a Marine.  The rumor was that McQueen was kicked out of the Corps for driving a weapons carrier into the ocean. After some research I discovered that Steve McQueen did join the Marines in 1947. He got into some trouble but it had nothing to do with a vehicle. Instead it seems that McQueen took a weekend pass that turned it into a two week break. At the end of the two weeks the Shore patrol apprehended him which led to an altercation. Needless to say the Marines were not pleased so he spent 41 days in the brig 21 of them on bread and water.

          After his time in the brig he settled into the Marines and actually became hero by saving five other Marines from drowning during a military exercise in the Arctic. Because of his heroics he was placed on the honor guard that protected Harry S. Truman’s yacht. He was honorably discharged April 1950.

          Steve McQueen after his discharge used money from his G.I. Bill to study acting at Sanford Meisner’s Neighborhood Playhouse. He was racing cars during this time and also employed on the show wanted “Dead or Alive.” His Hollywood break came when Frank Sinatra hired him for the movie “Never So Few.”

          So now you have the story of Steve McQueen United States Marine.


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