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I Got A Crush On You

We have probably all went through a time when we had a crush on someone. You know back in school when that certain someone just looked at you and you melted. You had those funny feelings in your stomach; you were shy and enamored with him or her. Buy what I want to examine is the term having a crush where did that come from? After some wandering around the internet it appears the term crush has come from two sources the French and English.

 The word crush is a distortion of the French word crèche, which means ‘crib. “To be in” or “have one’s own crèche,” in France around the 17th century meant to be so smitten with love that you were as helpless and irresponsible as an infant, you were crib bound. I guess that could describe a heart sick young man or woman pining away for that special someone.

The other definition comes from an old English custom of a social gathering like a dance or reception however; these gatherings were often extremely hot and crowded. They were crushed together and the women’s fashion of large skirts did not help matters. So there was a crush of young people who might be interested and meeting someone of the opposite sex. We also have a reference in a letter written by the historian Thomas Babbington Macaulay in 1832: “I fell in with her at Lady Grey’s great crush”. At this time these gatherings were a common way for young men and women to meet and develop a relationship. That wraps up another trivial piece of information for you inspired by a conversation with my daughter. 



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