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“Don’t Bring Me Down”

I was watching the movie Super 8 and it began with the song “Don’t Bring Me Down” by ELO. After some research I have discovered this song appears in the 1997 mob thriller “Donnie Brasco”, 2011 films “Paul” and “Super 8” (already mentioned), the 2011 video game “NHL 12”. It is in the trailer for “Flushed Away’, “Our Idiot Brother” and “Jack and Jill”. The song is played in a scene from “The Pirates! Band of Misfits,” and the skydiving scene from “College Road Trip”. It is also played in the Doctor Who episode “Love & Monsters”. “Don’t Bring Me Down was dedicated to the Skylab space station July 11, 1979 as it was about to fall apart entering the atmosphere. NASA used it again when the space shuttle Columbia crew had to have an extended stay in space because of bad weather. Overall I would say this song has seen a lot of uses since be number 4 on the American Billboard charts.


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