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Lin? Who Is This Guy?

It must be my busy life and the fact that NBA basketball isn’t my favorite sport that I have missed Mr. Lin. Jeremy Lin is on the rise and people are jumping on board with linsanity. I had heard the rumors of this amazing young man and now it has been confirmed. I was reading the Desiring God blog when I ran across a blog on Jeremy Lin and I have to admit I got excited. http://www.desiringgod.org/blog/posts/all-spheres-of-life-even-pro-basketball? Once again we seem to have a young Christian man (like Tebow) who is not afraid to admit Jesus Christ is His priority of life.

As you know Tim Tebow is a man I have much respect for and now another sports star appears to be living for Jesus. I’m excited to see somebody in the NBA who does not have a spoiled child mentality and I look forward to seeing what God will do in this young man’s life. Let’s remember to pray for these men like Tebow and Lin who will be in the fishbowl of media scrutiny.

Let me remind you of something else. All of us who have named the name of Jesus are also under a magnifying glass. Although we are not under the eye of the media and shooting baskets every night we are still before a world of lost people who are watching us very closely none the less. Live for Jesus!


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