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My Break

I took a few days off after Christmas to rest up. I spent a lot of my time reading and playing around with my kids. It was relaxing and refreshing but now it is back to the ministry. So this is my ramblings for the New Year.
My goal is to try to read at least 25 books for 2012. I have a list of good Christian material discussing everything from hell to church discipline. I also chose some authors who wrote about their experiences in World War 2 and an autobiography of George Bush. My reading this year covers a wide spectrum and I think that brings some balance to my life.
I will also begin training for the 8k run in July. Our town sponsors an 8k run every July during their big Port Washington Fish Day event. I ran two years ago and if all works out I’ll do it again. I am hoping to start in February and build up to the 5 miles over a few months. That will hopefully keep me healthy for the New Year.
At church I’ve challenged our people to read through the Bible in four months. What would be even better is to read through it three times this year. Another plan at our church is to start a new approach to Sunday night services. We will spend our evenings gathered together discussing the message from the morning worship service. We want to understand what God is teaching us and how we will apply what we have learned to our lives during the week.
But I realize none of this can be accomplished if I don’t let the Lord have control of my life. Even the most mundane things must be given to him. My reading, my running and my plans are nothing without him as the source. So Lord if it is your will I will do my goals for 2012.


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