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Rambling About The Year

I love Christmas and this time of the year. I love being with the family, my in laws, the anticipation of Christmas Day, teaching our church family and preparing them for a New Year. It is just a pleasure around Christmas. I am preparing myself for a New Year with new challenges. I just like the feel of this time of year. It has love, bonding and freshness all wrapped together.

It would be very unusual for me to get down and depressed this time of year because I’m looking forward to so many things. My struggles usually come deep in winter. Especially in Wisconsin where the snow stays and stays and Spring sometimes has a very slow start. The month of May can be a bit of a downer when our College family leaves us. We have some fine young men and a young lady helping us from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. We have been together with them since they started and we consider them part of our family. So when they leave over the summer it is a sad day.

I love summer and being out you can do so many things. The only time other time I would say things get down is early November when I realize it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all too soon and now it is here. Have a Happy New Year!


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