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Sunday, The Packers and Tim Tebow

You had better grab your cup of coffee and sit back because I’m going to ramble through a few topics. Last Sunday in our morning service I preached from Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest, peace good will toward men.” Ask yourself why is there glory? Why the doxa to God? The answer is Jesus came to save sinners unrepentant rebellious people like us. Jesus Christ came to save people who did not know him and in most cases do not want him to interfere in their life. But God in his great grace sent Jesus to bring peace to men. Jesus Christ brought peace between God and man where once there was hostility. The truth is there can be no real peace for you if Jesus Christ isn’t in your life. This then is the good will toward men. God sent his son to save us from our sins and pour out his love upon us. And we give our glory to him, it is so exciting to think about God’s love and grace for us all year long not just at Christmas.

And now I must ramble about that which was not exciting. I came home and watched the Packers lose to Kansas City. The Packers just never seemed to be firing on all cylinders. This only goes to show you that if our offense falters and the defense cannot keep them from scoring (three point or otherwise) we are going to lose games. But as I say to my children the sun will come up tomorrow and life will go on. The Packers lost but we will be ok nobody is perfect except Jesus. A perfect season means nothing if you can’t win when it counts just ask the Patriots.

This brings me to my last rambling. Tim Teabow and Denver fell to New England. I had hoped they could pull it off but in the end they were outgunned. However, the thought I took away from the game was the Drudge Reports headline stating “God loves Tom Brady too”. And I agree God does love Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Aaron Rogers and a host of others. And that brings me back to my message on Sunday. Jesus Christ came to earth because God so loved all of us that he sent his son to pay the penalty for our sins.  (By the way that penalty was much greater than any committed by Jordy Nelson Sunday)


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