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More To Life

We have been using the book Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper for our Sunday school class. I really think that it speaks to Christianity today and how we often waste our life even while we think we are living what we presuppose Christianity is. If this book has done nothing for anyone else it has spoken to me. In my mind I keep going back to the idea that there is got to be more to life then birth, school, college, a good job, retirement and then death. Is that it? Is that all there is to this life?
We as Christians say there is more so we throw God in there because that is what a good Christian family is supposed to do. So you are born and maybe your family has a baby dedication service. Then you attend Sunday school because that is what church people do. And as you grow older you participate in church youth activities because well that’s what good Christian young people do. Now it is time to graduate so you go to a Bible college because that’s where good Christian kids do. They go where their friends go and they probably will meet that special someone and get married and graduate with a degree and a wife or husband.
Now go and get a good job somewhere because we have been taught that a good job and money is the best of life. And of course you go to church and send your kids to Sunday school and tell them they should be in church because you are. Involve yourself in what things you can in the church and maybe even become a Sunday school teacher. And since we are living the American dream take the kids to baseball and soccer practice. Invite someone to church once in a while attend church functions and get old. Finally you retire and go to that happy place you have always dreamt about. Go to church but don’t be too active after all let those young folks do it you have already put in your time. Take walks in the woods, visit people and eventually end up dying. We will have a nice service for you and then that’s it?
Paul said “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. There has to be more then what we just described. All that we have written here is not bad but it isn’t life. Life is CHRIST. “For me to live is Christ” means my life is not my life it is Jesus life. It is about being born but born for a purpose a purpose to live each breath for him. When you are saved your life changes you can still attend ball games and school functions but that is not the priority. The priority is delighting God. His delight is your delight. You are going to games to be a witness of him to praise him with your friends to glory God in all that you say and do. Maybe you’re at the game and you get to teach valuable life lessons to your children. You strive to be the best at everything because God gave you talents and ability and you use them to magnify God.
It means you are in a church youth group not because that’s what people do no it is because you really want to grow. You want to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. You want to encourage and pray with people. You serve because it delights your Lord. You pray about college and you go where God leads you not where all my friends are going. You study for more than a degree you study because you want the Lord to be pleased with what you do. You want to be satisfied in him and him in you. You graduate and you look for a job where you can glorify Christ the most and serve him in church, on the job and in your leisure. You marry that special someone so both of you can delight in God together. So our marriage can be a reflection of Christ and the church. It is about CHRISTian living.
We have children and we teach them the value of a life for Christ. Sure go play on the school team but son it is all about delighting God with your life and not your life is worthy if you get the state trophy. Take out kids and teach them that the most valuable place they could be is in service to God. The church is a good place to worship to serve it is not another mark on our calendar. Work for Jesus serve him on the job off the job. Live for ministry not vacation. When you retire if you’re physically fit delight him by doing all you used to do and pass your godly wisdom on to the others. You never retire from serving your Lord and king.
And when you cannot move anymore pray and lift up the weary and love people and delight in the Lord. Look back on your life and be satisfied and say Lord for me to be here is for you but to die is gain. And then you die and we say nice things about you. But the foundation you have built is built upon and people who delight God because they saw your example and they will not just be born, go to school, get a job, retire and die.


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