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Tim Tebow

I watched the Denver game Sunday and what a game it was. The Bronco’s made an amazing comeback and the Bears made some critical errors. So I watched and cheered as once again the Bronco’s triumphed. (Keep in mind I am a Packers Fan) After the game the commentators were at a loss as to why this team keeps winning. They cannot figure out how Tim Tebow and company have been able to pull off these last minute wins. Figuring it out really doesn’t matter to me.

What I want to ramble about is the fact that Tim Tebow has declared himself to be a saved man. He has made that very clear from the beginning and he continues to talk about God even when some would like him to just shut up. He gives God the credit for his life. He is living and mirroring Christ like all of us should. It is a refreshing sight to see a young man like Tim living for the Lord. And this brings me to what I want you to do.

I am going to challenge as many people as I can to pray for Tim Tebow. The news media is not real fond of Tim. Although there seems to be a few people changing their minds. But Tim Tebow is not well liked by some and it is because of him and his God. We know if the world hates him we can understand that because they hated Jesus too. But this means that Satan and his forces cannot be too happy with Tim either. Remember Job in the Bible? Satan didn’t like him either which brings me back to my rambling our brother needs our prayers. I’m not talking about some generic God bless Tim Tebow. I mean let’s really pray for this guy. Pray for God to protect him from temptation, from pride, from immorality, from bodily harm (you never know people who hate you might try to hurt you). Pray for him to keep in God’s Word to spend time in prayer and to seek God’s wisdom. He needs help when he is down. Let us bathe this brother in prayer.

I have felt this way for the last few weeks and now I’m declaring it. We all need prayer so pray for those around you, your Pastor’s, teachers etc. They are out there on the frontline with Ti


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