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Rambling About The Year

I love Christmas and this time of the year. I love being with the family, my in laws, the anticipation of Christmas Day, teaching our church family and preparing them for a New Year. It is just a pleasure around Christmas. I am preparing myself for a New Year with new challenges. I just like the feel of this time of year. It has love, bonding and freshness all wrapped together.

It would be very unusual for me to get down and depressed this time of year because I’m looking forward to so many things. My struggles usually come deep in winter. Especially in Wisconsin where the snow stays and stays and Spring sometimes has a very slow start. The month of May can be a bit of a downer when our College family leaves us. We have some fine young men and a young lady helping us from Maranatha Baptist Bible College. We have been together with them since they started and we consider them part of our family. So when they leave over the summer it is a sad day.

I love summer and being out you can do so many things. The only time other time I would say things get down is early November when I realize it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all too soon and now it is here. Have a Happy New Year!


Sunday, The Packers and Tim Tebow

You had better grab your cup of coffee and sit back because I’m going to ramble through a few topics. Last Sunday in our morning service I preached from Luke 2:14 “Glory to God in the highest, peace good will toward men.” Ask yourself why is there glory? Why the doxa to God? The answer is Jesus came to save sinners unrepentant rebellious people like us. Jesus Christ came to save people who did not know him and in most cases do not want him to interfere in their life. But God in his great grace sent Jesus to bring peace to men. Jesus Christ brought peace between God and man where once there was hostility. The truth is there can be no real peace for you if Jesus Christ isn’t in your life. This then is the good will toward men. God sent his son to save us from our sins and pour out his love upon us. And we give our glory to him, it is so exciting to think about God’s love and grace for us all year long not just at Christmas.

And now I must ramble about that which was not exciting. I came home and watched the Packers lose to Kansas City. The Packers just never seemed to be firing on all cylinders. This only goes to show you that if our offense falters and the defense cannot keep them from scoring (three point or otherwise) we are going to lose games. But as I say to my children the sun will come up tomorrow and life will go on. The Packers lost but we will be ok nobody is perfect except Jesus. A perfect season means nothing if you can’t win when it counts just ask the Patriots.

This brings me to my last rambling. Tim Teabow and Denver fell to New England. I had hoped they could pull it off but in the end they were outgunned. However, the thought I took away from the game was the Drudge Reports headline stating “God loves Tom Brady too”. And I agree God does love Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Aaron Rogers and a host of others. And that brings me back to my message on Sunday. Jesus Christ came to earth because God so loved all of us that he sent his son to pay the penalty for our sins.  (By the way that penalty was much greater than any committed by Jordy Nelson Sunday)

More To Life

We have been using the book Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper for our Sunday school class. I really think that it speaks to Christianity today and how we often waste our life even while we think we are living what we presuppose Christianity is. If this book has done nothing for anyone else it has spoken to me. In my mind I keep going back to the idea that there is got to be more to life then birth, school, college, a good job, retirement and then death. Is that it? Is that all there is to this life?
We as Christians say there is more so we throw God in there because that is what a good Christian family is supposed to do. So you are born and maybe your family has a baby dedication service. Then you attend Sunday school because that is what church people do. And as you grow older you participate in church youth activities because well that’s what good Christian young people do. Now it is time to graduate so you go to a Bible college because that’s where good Christian kids do. They go where their friends go and they probably will meet that special someone and get married and graduate with a degree and a wife or husband.
Now go and get a good job somewhere because we have been taught that a good job and money is the best of life. And of course you go to church and send your kids to Sunday school and tell them they should be in church because you are. Involve yourself in what things you can in the church and maybe even become a Sunday school teacher. And since we are living the American dream take the kids to baseball and soccer practice. Invite someone to church once in a while attend church functions and get old. Finally you retire and go to that happy place you have always dreamt about. Go to church but don’t be too active after all let those young folks do it you have already put in your time. Take walks in the woods, visit people and eventually end up dying. We will have a nice service for you and then that’s it?
Paul said “for me to live is Christ and to die is gain”. There has to be more then what we just described. All that we have written here is not bad but it isn’t life. Life is CHRIST. “For me to live is Christ” means my life is not my life it is Jesus life. It is about being born but born for a purpose a purpose to live each breath for him. When you are saved your life changes you can still attend ball games and school functions but that is not the priority. The priority is delighting God. His delight is your delight. You are going to games to be a witness of him to praise him with your friends to glory God in all that you say and do. Maybe you’re at the game and you get to teach valuable life lessons to your children. You strive to be the best at everything because God gave you talents and ability and you use them to magnify God.
It means you are in a church youth group not because that’s what people do no it is because you really want to grow. You want to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. You want to encourage and pray with people. You serve because it delights your Lord. You pray about college and you go where God leads you not where all my friends are going. You study for more than a degree you study because you want the Lord to be pleased with what you do. You want to be satisfied in him and him in you. You graduate and you look for a job where you can glorify Christ the most and serve him in church, on the job and in your leisure. You marry that special someone so both of you can delight in God together. So our marriage can be a reflection of Christ and the church. It is about CHRISTian living.
We have children and we teach them the value of a life for Christ. Sure go play on the school team but son it is all about delighting God with your life and not your life is worthy if you get the state trophy. Take out kids and teach them that the most valuable place they could be is in service to God. The church is a good place to worship to serve it is not another mark on our calendar. Work for Jesus serve him on the job off the job. Live for ministry not vacation. When you retire if you’re physically fit delight him by doing all you used to do and pass your godly wisdom on to the others. You never retire from serving your Lord and king.
And when you cannot move anymore pray and lift up the weary and love people and delight in the Lord. Look back on your life and be satisfied and say Lord for me to be here is for you but to die is gain. And then you die and we say nice things about you. But the foundation you have built is built upon and people who delight God because they saw your example and they will not just be born, go to school, get a job, retire and die.

Thoughts From The Nursing Home Ministry

I was out at the nursing home to minister on Thursday. I enjoy seeing the people, joking around and talking to them. But when I came home several ramblings came to mind. 1) We (speaking of you and me) are not getting younger. You are growing older. Now let that register in your mind. You will get older and time is passing way to fast. So the question becomes what will you do with your time? How will you make use of it? Ephesians 5:15-16, James 4:13-15

2) When you do begin to age what persona will you take? Will you be grumpy or a kind hearted grandfatherly type person? There are some real nice elderly people at one of the nursing homes I go to. But at the same place there is an older man who has a reputation as a trouble maker. So which one will you choose? You can get better or you can get bitter you will have to decide.

3) When you hear like I did Thursday that several residences have passed away you begin to think one day we will also pass from the scene.  The brevity of life begins to loom in your vision. So what do you do? Give up or press forward? Thank you I’ll choose the latter. I would rather labor on and finish strong them give up and collapse.

“I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”


Tim Tebow during Chicago Game

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mp_noHHOk7A  This man is a great testimony. Listen and learn.

Tim Tebow

I watched the Denver game Sunday and what a game it was. The Bronco’s made an amazing comeback and the Bears made some critical errors. So I watched and cheered as once again the Bronco’s triumphed. (Keep in mind I am a Packers Fan) After the game the commentators were at a loss as to why this team keeps winning. They cannot figure out how Tim Tebow and company have been able to pull off these last minute wins. Figuring it out really doesn’t matter to me.

What I want to ramble about is the fact that Tim Tebow has declared himself to be a saved man. He has made that very clear from the beginning and he continues to talk about God even when some would like him to just shut up. He gives God the credit for his life. He is living and mirroring Christ like all of us should. It is a refreshing sight to see a young man like Tim living for the Lord. And this brings me to what I want you to do.

I am going to challenge as many people as I can to pray for Tim Tebow. The news media is not real fond of Tim. Although there seems to be a few people changing their minds. But Tim Tebow is not well liked by some and it is because of him and his God. We know if the world hates him we can understand that because they hated Jesus too. But this means that Satan and his forces cannot be too happy with Tim either. Remember Job in the Bible? Satan didn’t like him either which brings me back to my rambling our brother needs our prayers. I’m not talking about some generic God bless Tim Tebow. I mean let’s really pray for this guy. Pray for God to protect him from temptation, from pride, from immorality, from bodily harm (you never know people who hate you might try to hurt you). Pray for him to keep in God’s Word to spend time in prayer and to seek God’s wisdom. He needs help when he is down. Let us bathe this brother in prayer.

I have felt this way for the last few weeks and now I’m declaring it. We all need prayer so pray for those around you, your Pastor’s, teachers etc. They are out there on the frontline with Ti

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